To whom is Waste Control accredited to?
What should I do with my garden refuse?
What do I do with big domestic appliances?
What happens to my recyclables after they've been collected?
How often are the collections done?
What if I run out of bags?
What do I do with food or organic waste?
Will local jobs be created by my recycling effort?
What if I already recycle at the school or community drop-off?
What do I do with cardboard packing boxes?
What about white foam polystyrene packaging for TV's etc?
What about old computers and electronic waste?
What about old paint and hazardous waste?
Are the lids from bottles recyclable and what about corks?
Is foil recyclable?
Are empty soup containers with paper outside and foil inside recyclable?
Can floppy disks and old video tapes be recycled?
Does paper include newspapers as well as magazines and used office paper?