Equipment and Processing

Equipment and Processing

SA Metal Group prides itself on being a world-leader in scrap metal processing.

As part of our commitment to efficient, low cost scrap processing, we are constantly investing in improvements to our facilities in order to increase our capability and efficiency, while reducing our environmental footprint.

All scrap metal purchased by the Group is processed by sorting, shearing, shredding, torch-cutting, granulating and baling, amongst other processes. In addition, all our scrap processing yards are equipped with the latest cranes and handling equipment, able to unload suppliers safely and quickly.

Our steel shredding plant, situated in Cape Town, produces shredded steel scrap at a rate of up to 120 tons per hour, reducing auto bodies, home appliances and other steel structures into fist-sized clean fragments of steel. Shredded scrap is thereafter sent to our furnaces for melting (see SA Steelworks) or is sold into the local and international markets.

Non-ferrous metal and shredder waste recovered from the shredding plant is sorted further in our separation plant, where a combination of perforated screens, wind sifters, eddy-current separators and induction sorting systems (ISS), coupled with hand-picking lines, ensure that over 99% of the metal contained is safely and efficiently collected.

Designed for high capacity and reliability, our two 1000 ton Lindemann shears, the largest in Africa, are situated at Epping in Cape Town and at Germiston in Johannesburg. A third 1000 ton Le Fort shear is now operational in Pretoria.

Most grades of non-ferrous metals are neatly baled and wire-tied in our single ram and two ram baling presses. The baling operation facilitates easy container packing and discharging and such bales can easily be broken open for inspection if required.

The company is geared to operate in remote regions where mobility is paramount. With this in mind, our mobile baling machines are rigidly constructed to ensure optimal productivity. By compacting vehicles and other light metal raw materials into manageable-sized bales, we are able to facilitate the cost-effective transportation of this material to our works. Our mobile shears are likewise used in much of our demolition work (see Demolition and Rehabilitation) and in the processing of on-site scrap material. Designed with durability and structural integrity, mobile shears can operate in the harshest of conditions and, with unparalleled power, allow a fast cut cycle which dramatically increases efficiency.

Advanced portable spectrometers are used extensively in our day-to-day operations. These provide accurate metal analyses to ensure the correct valuation of recyclable material. They are also used in our steelworks division (see SA Steelworks), where our end product is certified to the most stringent international and SABS standards.

SA Metal is registered with the National Nuclear Regulator and is equipped to handle radioactive material entering our works. Loads are monitored by weighbridge-mounted radiation detectors and where appropriate by smaller mobile hand-held radiation detectors.

Our weighbridges are electronic, assized and calibrated and are fitted with radiation detection equipment and cameras to ensure safety as well as accurate, documented systems for all material received at our yards across the country.

In addition, we operate a highly advanced machine shop on our premises, where we are able to manufacture a wide range of precision components.

Our works is also equipped with a boilershop, container building and repair works, a hydraulic repair shop, a carpentry shop and plumbing and electrical departments.

At over 70 000 m2, the Group’s head office premises in Cape Town is South Africa’s largest scrap metal recycling facility.