Waste Control

Waste Control

SA Metal Group provides a waste removal service in the Western Cape.

Our waste management arm, Waste Control, is one of the largest waste removal operations in the region.

Waste removal in Gauteng and surrounds can be arranged on request with our Gauteng office.

Waste Control’s offices can be found at 104 Bofors Circle, Epping 2, Cape Town, and contacted on 021 507 8700.

Waste Control operates a large fleet of vehicles, set up with state of the art waste-handling equipment. Our highly trained staff have extensive experience in the field of waste management and are constantly kept abreast of new technology, legislation and developments within the industry.


Waste Control promotes and supports the recycling of waste wherever possible. Waste that cannot be recycled is disposed of at landfill facilities that are registered with the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry. The City of Cape Town landfill sites at Coastal Park, Bellville and Vissershok, as well as the privately owned Vissershok Waste Management Facility, are acknowledged as safe landfill operations.


We are committed to:

– delivering excellent service to all our clients and being proactive in responding to client needs now and in the future

– protecting the health of our employees and customers

– preventing environmental pollution

– ensuring that the company’s maintenance of plant, equipment, vehicles and operations and facilities are managed in terms of the highest safety standards possible, and adhering to all relevant safety and labour legislation, regulations and procedures as a minimum requirement in terms of SHE performance expectations. Moreover, where appropriate and possible, we follow best international practice with regard to governance and health and safety principles.


The following services are offered by Waste Control:
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Compactor Vehicle
The rear-end loader is the most commonly used waste collection vehicle and can be seen daily throughout the country collecting domestic, restaurant, office and commercial waste. Rear end loaders are only suitable for the collection of soft compactable waste types such as paper, plastic, cardboard, off cut timber, sawdust, and food waste and other light, soft waste types. Rear end loader containers are available in the following sizes:

240L wheelie bin
2m3 REL
6m3 REL
12m3 REL

Skip Vehicle
The skip loader vehicle is ideally suited for high mass, low volume applications. Waste types such as ash, gravel, builder’s rubble, scrap metal, refractory material etc. are easily handled. The skip loader service is suitable for solid and liquid wastes and sludges. Containers are available in leak proof and lidded configurations, dependent on the waste application and comes in a 6m3 and 12m3 container.

Roll-on-roll-off Vehicle
The roll on roll off vehicle has the unique ability to interchange different containers for the handing of various wastes ranging from dry solids through to liquid wastes and sludge. Roll on’s are generally suited for high volume and high mass waste applications. The following are the most commonly available containers and waste types handled by these vehicles:

10m3 – Builders rubble, soil, gravel, ash, stone, solid off- spec foodstuffs, paper pulp, glass, refractory and water soiled material from fires, etc.


10m3 leak proof – Sludges, filter cake, oily waste, fruit and food wastes that produces liquid or has liquid content


15m3 – General waste, wood waste, metal, etc


35m3 – Most suited for high volume, low mass waste types such as paper, plastic, cardboard, fabric off-cuts, wood off-cuts, sawdust or a mixture of the above.


10kl slop tank – For liquid waste types such as bilge oils from vessels, effluent, conservancy-contaminated fluids and used solvents.


23m3 static/combi packers – These units are installed in institutions where high waste volumes are experienced. They enable cost savings through reduced transport and disposal, due to the compaction of the waste resulting in fewer loads being transported to the landfill site for disposal. Static compactor and combi–packers are available in either roll on-roll off or skip loader applications.


Fluorescent Tube disposal

The “Tubie”, as it is commonly known, is a manual crusher of fluorescent tubes and deposits the crushed glass into a 210 liter drum on which it is mounted. Once the drum is full the crusher is transferred to a new drum and the full drum is sealed, ready for disposal.

Chemical Waste

We dispose of all general, liquid and toxic/hazardous waste in the correct, safe and environmental friendly way in terms of all current national, provincial and municipal legislative requirements. We are also registered on the Integrated Polltant and Waste Information System (IPWIS)

Our sales consultants and drivers are all trained in the handling and transportation of dangerous goods and attend annual refresher training courses.

We have partnerships with SA’s top onsite recycling companies.

Disaster Management
Waste Control has been at the forefront in the cleaning up of natural disasters in the Western Cape. We have extensive experience in dealing with disasters caused by fires, oil spills, shipping accidents resulting in contamination of bulk products, road tanker spills and industrial accidents. As a member of SA Metal Group we have access to a range of industrial equipment from forklifts to excavators, which enables us to respond swiftly in the event of an emergency.

Some of Waste Control’s flagship clients include